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Patient Testimonials

“I began coming to Dr. Moore because I had low back pain radiating down my left hip and leg. Overall I feel a great improvement! I’ve learned from Dr. Moore how to change my stance and style of walking; which has minimized my problems. I recommend Dr. Moore to anyone that has back problems. Her method is non-invasive, low impact and highly effective.”
Emory Putman

“Before I began treating with Dr. Moore I had pain in my back and shoulders. Monthly treatments have kept me from having major back problems. Monthly massages have kept my shoulders functioning. Dr. Moore keeps me keeping on!”
Joan Flint

“I had a stiff and sore neck, but now my pain has gone from a 10+ to about average. I’ve only been treating with Dr. Moore about a month, but I already feel less lower back pain and my neck feels looser too! I would recommend Dr. Moore to anyone. She is great! She also encourages me to get healthy!”
Elaine Welch

“I’ve had a great decrease with my back and neck pain when no one else could help. Dr. Moore is the best chiropractor I’ve ever gone to!”
Pat Vincent

“I had terrible sinus headaches and back problems. Dr Moore really helped! I now come once a month for maintenance and don’t have headaches or back pain.”
Bob Stone